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About Tracermax

Tracermax is a patented Green technology that provides definitive information that is essential for precise and accurate measurements for tracing subsurface production fluids, frac proppant placements and lightweight cement slurries. It mitigates risk from both an environmental and occupational perspective. Tracermax technology is available on a global basis.

Tracermax tracers do not require any special federal or other licensing for possession or handling. Tracermax tracers are not considered dangerous goods for purposes of transportation and can be shipped easily by any mode of transport.

Hydraulic Fracture Tracing: Fracturing stimulations are vital for economic production in low permeability, tight and shale gas formations. Tracermax tracers can be used to determine maximum frac height, an essential component of any 2D, 3D or micro seismic fracture propagation modeling. Frac height is proportional to propagated growth. Tracermax technology can identify proppant entry points along a perforated interval that will calibrate the frac height window. A properly designed frac will insure optimum growth and preserve cap rock to prevent the unwanted migration of petroleum reservoirs into freshwater aquifers. Tracermax tracers are non-contaminating and can also be used in hydro fracturing applications.

Tracermax gives significant economic benefits over conventional radioactive tracers in that there is no risk from exposures and burdens to personnel. No costly tank rentals to retain contaminated effluents. No site monitoring or decommissioning. Tracermax does require a special field technician for tracer addition.

Cement Tracing: Tracermax tracers can be used to tag light weight cement slurries (< 1500 kg / m3) that are currently not detectable using sonic applications. Proper oil well cement is required to insure hydraulic isolation of geological formations and prevent the seepage and vent flow of hydrocarbons into subterranean water sources. Tracermax tracers are ceramic and will not impair the physical integrity of cement slurries at specified concentrations.

Production logging: Tracermax tracers come in various chemical forms to match well bore fluids to provide a representative tracer study. Enriched Tracermax tracers can be used to enhance performance from a low level detectability perspective. Tracers can be used to prove casing integrity, fluid velocities, production from selected perforated intervals and fluid migration from fracturing stimulations into wastewater. Tracermax tracers will out-perform spinner technology in both slow moving fluid flow and multiphase fluid environments.

Tagging Downhole Jewelry: Tracermax tracer tags can be used to mark downhole jewelry such as sub collars, float collars and shoes. Tracermax tags are non-contaminating and permanent, which can be logged for an indefinite period of time.